What We Do

A constellation of strengths working in harmony.

Balancing the interests of all stakeholders


A board that comprises the skills and experience that align with the mission, vision, values, and strategy of the organization – optimally organized so the board can accomplish its important work of oversight.

  • Providing a complete range of individual and group assessments – of boards, peers, chairs, CEOs, and committees – using the most innovative and reliable techniques
  • Planning and facilitating board retreats
  • Assisting with CEO/Chair split
  • Advising in areas critical to board performance, including board composition, process, structure, strategic planning, committee effectiveness, and leadership
  • Providing board education in a variety of key areas; developing board manuals and orientation guides as well as corporate codes of conduct and committee charters


A strategy that is refreshed regularly by the board to determine course changes, required to be both opportunistic and to account for shifts in the external environment.

  • Planning and facilitating strategic planning sessions that align the board and executive leadership on strategic imperatives
  • Translating the strategic plan into specific, action-oriented board and committee goals and objectives, as well as metrics to track performance against an annual work plan
  • Assisting Strategic Task Forces with their full range of planning, implementation, and assessment responsibilities
  • Conducting cultural assessments and formulating plans for cultural shifts

Roadmap to the future

The Board and the Management team


Leaders with the competencies that match what is required to successfully execute on strategic objectives who nurture a leadership development culture.

  • Conducting CEO and team 360° performance assessments
  • Conducting competency assessments of CEO candidates
  • Advising on CEO transition (on- and off-boarding)
  • Providing executive coaching to board chairs and senior executives
  • Facilitating role clarification between the Chairman or lead director and the CEO
  • Advising on board succession planning