The stakes have risen dramatically for boards, both corporate and nonprofit, in recent years – and for the directors who serve on them. New rules and regulations have necessitated different roles, among directors and vis à vis CEOs.


Boards that contribute as a team, aligned with the strategy, represent a valuable asset to organizations, and are increasingly linked to stronger performance. But the questions remain for many boards: How do we get there? How do we build something that is greater than the sum of individual directors and add real value to our organization?

At Nygren Consulting, we believe that better governance has far-reaching, measurable, enduring benefits, including:

  • Improving corporate performance and minimizing risk
  • Building competitive advantage
  • Enhancing shareholder value and
  • Improving executive performance, leadership, and accountability

Over the course of 25 years, we've provided governance consulting – for both corporate and nonprofit boards in a wide range of industries – in three principal areas: Board Effectiveness, Organizational Strategy, and Executive Leadership. We advise on best governance practices and, most importantly, apply our in-depth knowledge of organizations to carefully tailor solutions to individual clients.

Learn how we can help your organization reap the benefits of a high-performing board.